The Body On The Beach: 27

Piccolo sat and closely read through the articles. Some she turned to again, cross-referencing with others. Some she rearranged on the desk to make better sense for herself. Veronica sat across from her and said nothing.

‘Extraordinary’ said Piccolo finally, putting down her spectacles. ‘There seems probable cause here to link Mortimer to so much serious criminal wrongdoing’.

‘But each time the authorities have either dismissed suspicions or simply failed to investigate’ said Veronica. ‘You should be asking your husband to consider Mortimer’s possible involvement in the murder of Margaret Howard’ she added pointedly.

Piccolo pondered. Really, was there enough here to suspect him capable of killing? But now, knowing all of this, was it feasible, or even wise, for her not to mention it?

‘He is more than dangerous’ said Veronica ‘He is evil and peculiar. Did you notice the dates of the articles?’ Indeed Piccolo had not. Veronica pointed in illustration. ‘They span a period of seventy years, yet the descriptions of the man are the same in each. How can that be unless some diabolical force is involved?’ A chill ran down Piccolo’s spine. Surely this was impossible. There had to be a reasonable explanation. Did Veronica have a vindictive motivation for such interpretation? Was the Occult connection clouding her mind? This surpassed any of Piccolo’s own creations. This was real.


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