The Body On The Beach: 33

The two ladies crossed on the entrance steps of The Lynn Hotel.

‘Miss Piccolo’ said Miss Edith, going in.

‘Miss Edith’ said Miss Piccolo, going out.

‘So glad I’ve bumped into you’ said Edith. ‘I’ve just taken a room here and hoped we’d have time to chat. My presence at the Hall has been causing some little disturbance, especially for Lady B – she’s in a bad way you know, keeps mistaking me for poor Midge. I wish I’d never had my hair done now, but dear George suggested it. It does suit though, don’t you think?’.

‘Why of course. Simply delightful’ said Piccolo from memory as Miss Edith was now wearing a hat (the de rigueur cloche).

‘We must dine together tonight, just you and I. Are you up for that?’ asked Edith.

‘My pleasure’ replied Piccolo, wondering why the ‘just you and I’. Surely not an evening of girl talk?.

‘Excellent’ said Edith. ‘Thank you so much. See you here at eight’. She ran up the stairs. Piccolo was left with the distinct impression that her host had something on her mind that she was keen to share.


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