The Body On The Beach: 39

Simmonds made his case to Dawson.

‘So how do you want to progress?’ asked the Chief Inspector.

‘I’d like to have Catchpole watched’ said Simmonds ‘and I’d like his business and financial affairs to be looked into’.

‘Ok. I’ll assign plain-clothes and Bill Ransome, he’s our best paperwork man. He’ll be careful, we don’t want Catchpole getting wind of this. If, as you say, he believes he’s outsmarting us then we should let him continue to think that. Could be his downfall. Hopefully he’ll become complacent and make a mistake’.

‘Should I inform Lord Bessingham?’ asked Simmonds, anticipating such an order to be given to him.

‘No. Let’s keep quiet until we have some concrete evidence. If Catchpole is responsible for both murders then the key is obviously the Howard family. Whatever link exists we don’t want it broken until we know what it is’.


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