The Body On The Beach: 47

Simmonds was now roped into a round of window shopping. At the jewellers Piccolo espied a bracelet on display. They went in to enquire. The piece was duly presented. Piccolo examined. Turning it over she was taken aback. ‘My goodness’ she said ‘this can’t be’. Simmonds paid attention. On the underside of the bracelet was engraved: ‘TO MIDGE. MY DEAREST SWEETHEART’. ‘There could be no coincidence, surely?’ said Piccolo.

‘Most unlikely’ replied Simmonds.

The jeweller was now concerned. ‘Is there anything wrong?’ he asked.

‘Where did you acquire this?’ asked Simmonds.

‘Let me just check’. He returned momentarily with a large ledger. He turned the pages. ‘Ah ha. Here we are. Came in as a job lot from St. Peter’s just a couple of days ago. Assorted trinkets not sold at their last jumble. That was the only decent piece. It’s very nice, isn’t it? Surprised it wasn’t snapped up, but there’s no accounting for taste. I see we gave them a good price. Always happy to do our bit for the community. Are you interested in purchasing it?’.

‘I’m afraid I’ll need to take it away as evidence in a murder case’ said Simmonds, showing his warrant card. ‘I’ll give you a receipt’.


‘I’d better follow this up with the church straight away’ said Simmonds.

‘Now? Damn. I have a hair appointment!’ said Piccolo in frustration. ‘Go be a good little detective on your own then. You can recount all later’.

‘If there’s anything to tell’.

‘There’s always something to tell darling. Haven’t you been paying attention?. It’s all in the detail, and you can find detail anywhere’.


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