The Body On The Beach: 58

Simmonds telephoned George Whittle and asked him to divulge the whereabouts of his client Mortimer Catchpole. George promptly supplied the address, as though he had been expecting the request. The location was close to where the ex Mrs Catchpole lived. Simmonds suspected a connection and quizzed the Solicitor on it. George replied that he had no precise details of the woman, and his client had not mentioned her in relation to the trip, or in any other context for that matter, indeed he was only vaguely aware of her existence. Simmonds sensed some defensiveness. At the end George asked if his client would be needed for further questioning. ‘Almost certainly’ Simmonds replied, adding: ‘I’ll keep you informed’ and hung up. George replaced the receiver and called for his Secretary. She knocked and entered. ‘Joan, I’d like to send a telegram’ he said.


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