The Body On The Beach: 65

Piccolo was keen to explore the library at Bessingham Hall, especially after learning from Simmonds’ recount of Catchpole’s interview that the Antiquarian had found it to be of value. Piccolo would, of course, have sought out the place anyway given her literary interests, but this expert insight spurred on her curiosity. So that evening, as Simmonds was in Lord B’s office questioning him further, (Piccolo being frustrated at being excluded, but respecting police procedure), she decided to explore the library for herself. Inevitably it wasn’t long before some tome had grabbed her attention and she was eagerly devoured it. Piccolo readily lost track of time when reading, and so when the commotion started she found herself somewhat disoriented. As the disturbance grew more animated and consumed her attention more fully she felt obliged to seek it out.

The sounds emanated from Lady B’s bedroom which was directly adjoining the library. Having progressed to now be standing outside the closed door of that very room, Piccolo strained her ears but was unable to discern the content of the heated conversation taking place within, though from the tone it was clearly unpleasant in nature. Piccolo hesitated, not knowing what to do for the best — ignore; go for help; enter. She chose the latter, and it proved to be the worst option of the three.


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