The Body On The Beach: 66

Piccolo did not knock and enter, she simply entered (in retrospect she was unable to explain why) — her unannounced arrival catching the occupants unaware, and they stopped their argument and both turned to look at her inquisitively. Lady B was sat in her wheelchair; the other person present being a man, who appeared vaguely familiar to Piccolo but who she could not place. He was brandishing a large knife.  This, thought Piccolo, has to be the blackmailer.

‘Who the devil are you?’ he asked. Piccolo said nothing, she didn’t quite know what to say, feeling for a moment that she was in a scene from one of her own novels — it was at the same time a disturbing and a thrilling experience. Lady B broke the silence: ‘The trap was set and you fell for it’ she barked at the man. ‘Did you honestly believe you were here to collect your money?. What a fool you are!’. Piccolo was surprised by the vitriol in Lady B’s voice. The man stood motionless and silent, patently he had not considered this outcome. He had indeed sprung the trap, but he did not intend to be captured so easily.


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