The Body On The Beach: 71

‘ … and there she was, quite dead’. George’s words reverberated around Simmonds’ mind. He continued in a further startling manner: ‘Rather ironically she was in the very room that you and your wife occupied, how strange is that? She left a note explaining it all, I still have it, guess you’ll need to see that as well. She’d killed herself. Got the drugs from somewhere – not exactly difficult to obtain. So I covered it up – removed the syringe and stuff. I think she would have wanted that. Some dignity in death. I used a laundry trolley to move her body and took one of the hotel vans. I drove her to Welby, can’t remember why I chose the place, just driving around. I was trying to avoid a scandal. Making it look like murder seemed a good idea at the time, stupid though of course. But you see she wasn’t murdered. Your murder case never had a victim! Goodness knows what trouble I’ve caused. Now I suppose you’ll require a statement. I’m happy to be charged with whatever. I did it all for Midge. You see I loved her, I had done so for years’.


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